Covid-19 Vaccine


We have launched the Covid Vaccine Clinic at St Edmunds Church Hall for residents and workers of both Chingford and Waltham Forest. As soon as we get a supply of vaccines, we will put on a clinic ASAP. Unfortunately thus far, the deliveries are varied but the hope is to have a seven day service as soon as possible.

In just four days, St Edmunds has vaccinated 2241 patients PLUS vaccinated all 6 care homes in the network and its workers.


Our next clinics are on Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd of January


We have invited all 75+ non housebound patients. If you are 80 or above and not heard, in this circumstance ONLY please contact your GP practice so we can offer you an appointment once we know when our next clinic day is.

We are working on the housebound patients and hope to being rolling out to these patients by the third week of January. We will contact you, please bare with us whilst we try to ensure everyone is vaccinated

A short answer is YES. Having the infection does not provide immunity. You must wait at least 28 days before having the vaccine, if you have had Covid.

We are working on all our 75+ years age cohort currently and our housebound. Once this work is complete, we will be working down the groupings as per the JCVI plan which can be found on this useful link here.

We would love to be. But the rate limiting step is the supply of the vaccine. As soon as the government and NHSE notify us of a supply, we will open up the clinics to ensure these vaccines reach our patients.

No. Vaccines are administered to those with an appointment. Sometimes we have cancellations, in which case we may ring you to come on the same day to be vaccinated.

The guidance is that the second dose should be at 12 weeks after your first dose.

The JCVI and MHRA have clearly stated there is no clinical difference between the two vaccines. It is more important to have a vaccine.

For those with no mobile phone, our administrators will contact you to book you in. If you are having trouble booking an appointment, you can contact your practice. But please only do this as a last resort.

We are following the JCVI guidance, so those under 70 who are front line health care or social care workers have been offered the vaccine too. Equally carers in care homes have all been offered a vaccine. We have over 2000 over 80 year olds in Chingford and are ensuring we get those most clinical vulnerable vaccinated as soon as possible in line with the guidance.

There are no animal products in the vaccines. The British Islamic Medical Association has written a blog here and the BBC have written a useful article answering further questions here

Further information about how to book for a Covid Vaccine and common QA can be found on this link:

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